World’s Best IB Schools – by IB DP Score

This is a list that you will not see officially produced by the IB, which does not believe in comparing schools in this way. While we regularly puts together in-country tables, this list, researched and compiled by Education Advisors, is, in theory, a rank of top schools by IB DP average score globally. 

Before we get to the schools it’s interesting to see which countries make the rankings.  The UK has the most schools in the Top 100 with 23, but as a percentage of the total number of IB DP schools it has (92), it lies in fourth place. With just one IB school, which also makes this list, Monaco comes first, with a perfect 100%. Hong Kong comes second with 51% of its 37 IB DP schools making it to this list (19), and Singapore comes third with 40% (12 of its 30 IB DP schools) making the Top 100. With 3,550 IB DP schools in total, the top 100 schools represent almost 3% of all IB DP schools.

If this list is to be of value, readers would do well to note the total cohort size of these schools, which is included in the fourth column. It is, in some ways at least, perhaps more impressive for a school with 100 plus IB DP students to make this list, than one with 10.  Perhaps even more importantly, if you are using this list for research, make sure you drill down to the school reviews. Is the school selective? Does it offer multiple pathways for students, with the IB DP route being offered to a select few? As always the devil will be found in the details…

The country ranking

Country Schools in the Top 100 Total IB DP schools % of total country schools in the ranking
WORLD 100 3,550 2.82
1st Monaco 1 1 100.00
2nd Hong Kong 19 37 51.35
3rd Singapore 12 30 40.00
4th United Kingdom 23 92 25.00
5th Malaysia 3 19 15.79
6th United Arab Emirates 6 48 12.50
7th South Korea 2 17 11.76
8th France 2 20 10.00
9th Belgium 1 10 10.00
10th Switzerland 4 52 7.69
11th Greece 1 15 6.67
12th Italy 2 33 6.06
13th China 9 151 5.96
14th Czech Republic 1 17 5.88
15th India 6 152 3.95
16th Germany 3 77 3.90
17th Russia 1 29 3.45
18th Australia 2 86 2.33
19th Japan 1 60 1.67
20th Spain 1 158 0.63

The country with the most IB schools is the United States of America with a total of 963 schools. None of its schools make it to this list.

The school ranking

Source data: Education Advisors (IB average scores), IBO Org (Number of IB DP schools in each country).

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