Where Do I Stand If My Personal Injury Case Goes to Trial?

You may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma if you’ve been hurt in an accident and want to pursue legal action against the party responsible, such as in the case of a vehicle crash or a workplace injury. Legal action can help you recover money for things like repairs to your home, missed wages, medical bills, and emotional distress.

Even though insurance companies typically offer settlements in personal injury claims, some do proceed to trial. When filing a claim, it’s important to know what to anticipate.

Complicating Factors in Accident Claims

There are many processes involved in bringing a case to trial. A jury selection is commonplace in personal injury lawsuits. A judge can choose to have a jury of 12 people or fewer and then question them. The judge will ask the selected individuals a series of questions designed to elicit their thoughts on various case types and to get to know them better. A judge can learn about a juror’s qualifications and potential prejudices through questioning.

The trial itself will begin once a jury has been selected. Opening remarks are usually made at the beginning of a trial for a personal injury lawsuit. Both the prosecution and the defense will have an opportunity to present an opening statement in support of their respective legal positions. Because they bear the greater burden of proof, personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma who are on the side of the injured party typically make their opening statements first.

The Burden Of Proof

In order to submit a valid claim against the person at fault, the plaintiff must be able to provide undeniable proof of the defendant’s wrongdoing. The case will continue on to the presentation of evidence after opening statements are heard. In order to bolster their case, personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma typically offer testimony from expert witnesses. In addition to eyewitnesses, a case may also rely on testimony from professionals such as medical professionals, accountants, and forensic artists who recreate the scene of the crime.

When the defense has had a chance to submit their evidence, after the claimant’s attorney has finished presenting theirs, a trial may be held. When arguing against a claimant, defense attorneys can offer evidence and summon witnesses to back up their case. After each side has presented their evidence, the other side may conduct cross-examination.

Closer arguments will be made by both camps when the witnesses have been cross-examined. Each side gets one last opportunity to urge the jury to rule in their favor. The jury will retire to a private room to deliberate and reach its own judgement.

Automobile accidents and other forms of personal injury are typically decided upon promptly. These processes can be quite lengthy, often taking several days. The jury notifies the judge of its decision and subsequently delivers it to the litigants.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

You should seek the counsel of a competent Oklahoma personal injury attorney if you sustained injuries in an accident. The skilled attorneys have a long history of assisting victims in getting the best possible outcomes to their claims.

The skilled and determined legal staff is committed to giving each client the finest representation available so that they can get their life back on track as soon as possible. Contact nearest law office immediately if you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence, whether in a vehicle or truck accident, a slip and fall, or any other form of personal injury accident.

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