Top 10 Homeowners’ Insurance Companies in Florida

State Farm

State Farm is one of Florida’s largest homeowners insurance companies, with an 18 percent market share. The insurance company began as an auto insurance company, so bundling is an option that can give customers convenience and a discount.

The insurance company has strong financial backing and serves customers, offering basic coverage, an extensive array of optional add-ons, and a lot of discount options.

Unfortunately, the discounts differ from state to state, and discounts are limited for homeowners in Pennsylvania, South Dakota, New York, North Dakota, and Alaska.


Allstate is the 2nd largest home insurer in the U.S, providing quotes for prospective policyholders through a broad network of local insurance agents and online. The insurance company boasts an excellent reputation for customer service and a wide array of coverages. Still, higher-than-average rates should make you think twice before purchasing an Allstate policy to protect your home.

Tower Hill

Tower Hill is a Florida homeowners insurance company that offers affordable prices. The company has a broader range of insurance products than most Florida insurers, including flood insurance and enhanced coverage options for high-value homes. However, the insurance company does not offer online buying, so it is difficult for insurance shoppers to purchase a policy without meeting an insurance agent.


Chubb is a premier insurance company that offers every kind of protection you need to protect your home and combined assets. Still, Chubb’s insurance is expensive and only really intended for high-net-worth properties.


Kin Insurance company offers affordable and convenient insurance for homeowners. Kin insurance provides standard home coverage and specializes in areas that are harder to insure, such as flood insurance and mobile homes.

While the company’s lack of auto insurance options will disappoint shoppers looking to save by bundling, it’s still a great choice if people prefer to avoid the long hold times and exhaustive questioning that many other insurers put people through. It is only available to residents of Florida and Louisiana.


AAA insurance is known for its roadside assistance service and auto club memberships; the company offers insurance to members in most states. People may be able to save money with the AAA insurance company. Its auto and homeowners insurance rates are affordable, and the company has a reputation for dependable customer service, which could make life easier if people have to claim in the future.

American Family

American Family ranks favorably versus competing insurance companies while reliably paying out claims. Though American Family may not offer as extensive a list of optional coverage add-ons and endorsements, it compensates with various discounts. American Family auto insurance may be a great option if you’re looking for a reliable auto policy that will cover the typical risks of driving via comprehensive collision coverage.


Progressive home insurance companies come primarily from 3rd parties. People with a Progressive car insurance policy may qualify for an auto discount by buying homeowners insurance from a progressive company’s partners. Otherwise, they may be better off buying homeowners insurance directly from a company they are interested in rather than using Progressive as a broker.

Security First

Security First is a homeowners insurance company in Florida with very affordable rates tarnished by poor service. The Security First company provides most of the policy coverage people need and has useful online tools.

Heritage Insurance

Heritage Insurance is also good for those who value a quick and personal claims process. The Heritage insurance company hires in-house and field adjusters ready to review a claim on-site within hours. The carrier offers in-house resources for damage, such as mold or water, and offers a 3-year guarantee on all work performed.

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