The Importance of Retaining a Qualified Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The effects of an injury sustained in any kind of event can be devastating. Spinal cord injuries are among the most disabling consequences of car crashes for victims. Injuries to the spinal cord are among the most catastrophic types of injury.

Spinal cord injuries are extremely serious and can completely alter a person’s quality of life. These terrible wounds affect not just those who suffer them, but also those closest to them.

Victims of spinal cord injuries often need long-term care from medical professionals. Contacting a seasoned Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and alternatives after a spinal cord injury if you live in Oklahoma.

What Is A Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries occur when the spine or spinal nerves are harmed. Depending on the severity of the injury, the person may experience temporary or permanent paralysis and/or a loss of motor control and feeling. Sexual and respiratory abilities are just two of many body processes that can be negatively impacted by spinal cord damage.

Trauma to the spinal column is a common cause of paralysis. Injuries to the spinal cord can occur for many different reasons. In this category are items such as:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Approximately half of all spinal cord injuries sustained each year occur in automobile accidents.

Falls: More than 15% of all spinal cord injuries occur as a result of a fall.

Recreational Sports: Over 10% of all spinal cord injuries occur during sports, especially those involving risky behavior like diving in shallow water.

Violent Acts: Nearly 12% of all spinal cord injuries recorded each year are the result of violent acts. Gunshots and knife wounds are the most common causes of spinal cord damage in violent crimes.

Spinal cord damage can occur as a result of surgical mistakes in some cases. Patients in these situations should not hesitate to get in touch with an Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyer.

Why Do You Need A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney To Help?

Contacting a personal injury attorney in Oklahoma as soon as possible is essential if you have suffered a spinal cord damage in an accident or during surgery. Experienced lawyers have a history of assisting the injured in securing the recompense they need to move on with their lives.

To get back to regular life after an injury, victims typically have to spend a lot of money on things like standing frames, modified vehicles, fertility treatment, and post-discharge physical therapy. Attorneys in Oklahoma who specialize in spinal cord injuries work hard to aid their clients, preparing their cases thoroughly and seeking maximum recompense for their claims.

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