The Best Strategies to Lower the Cost of Your Van Insurance

Interested in learning more about van insurance rates? When it comes to saving you money on your van insurance, van insurance experts are always looking for new ways to do so. Whether you’re a courier van driver or use your vehicle for work or pleasure, these are their top advice for getting a better bargain on your van insurance.

Add Extra Drivers on Your Policy

Add a low-risk driver to your insurance policy if you know of someone who might use your vehicle on a regular basis. It is natural for people to be extra cautious when driving cars that other people are also using. A discount can be obtained by adding more drivers.

A Dashcam Can Help Settle Disputes and Save You Money

Dashcams can be useful in settling a disputed claim, and some insurance companies offer savings to customers who have a high-quality camera installed and operational.

Agree a Higher Voluntary Excess

It is possible to pay more towards a fault claim by paying a voluntary excess. Most van insurance policies will have a normal excess, but if you are able to cover a larger portion of a claim yourself, increasing your voluntary excess may help you save money on your premium.

Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute to Get a Quote

Obtaining a quote at the last minute is almost always more expensive than obtaining one a few weeks before the event takes place. In order to save money on your van insurance, get a quotation as soon as possible. Up to one month before your actual renewal date, most companies are happy to provide you with a price.

Get a Limited Mileage Deal

If you expect to drive less than the average yearly mileage in the United Kingdom (between 10 and 12,000 miles), you may be eligible for a limited mileage discount on your car insurance policy. Discounts are provided for annual mileages of 7,500, 5,000, 3,000, or 1,500 miles that have been agreed upon by the parties involved.

Invest in Extra Security Measures

Investing in additional security measures like a van alarm, immobiliser, or tracking device could end up paying for itself in the long run because you will most likely receive a substantial reduction on your annual van insurance policy. To qualify for the discount, you must purchase security gadgets that have been authorized by Thatcham.

Modified Vans May Qualify for Specialist Cover

Many people believe that making modifications to your van would increase the cost of your van insurance, however this is not always the case. Inform your insurer about the modifications you have made to your van, and you may be eligible for a specialized coverage and additional discounts.

Multi-vehicle Insurance Could Save You Money

Ensure that the insurer is aware that the van you are looking to insure is a second vehicle. A discount for having additional vehicles is common, but when combined with limited miles and an NCB, it can make a significant difference in your overall cost of ownership.

Park Your Van in a Safe Place

When leaving your van overnight, make sure to park it with caution, preferably off the road on a driveway or – better yet – in a garage to avoid damage to the vehicle. Your van will be less vulnerable to theft or vandalism, as well as being damaged by another vehicle, and you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance price as a result.

Pay for Your Van Insurance Annually

It may be more convenient to pay for your van insurance on a monthly basis or with a credit card, but you will be charged interest, which will make the policy more expensive in the end. Paying your van insurance premiums on a yearly basis may allow you to save a large amount of money.

Provide the True Value of Your Vehicle

When a broker estimates a van insurance rate, they must take into consideration the value of the vehicle. In most cases, they will not ask for documentation, nor will they inspect the vehicle to determine its value, so you must state the amount you believe it is worth. If you overestimate the worth of your vehicle, your insurance premium will be higher, but this does not imply that you will be compensated more in the event of a claim. All claims are evaluated, and the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident will be established, regardless of how much you claimed it was worth at the time of the accident.

Talk to a Van Insurance Specialist

If you need van insurance, don’t rely on comparison websites or online quotes alone. These quotes will be generated by a computer and will be impossible to change.
By speaking with an insurance consultant over the phone, you can ensure that you are answering all of the questions correctly and that you have someone on your side who is looking for ways to save you money while also providing you with the greatest possible coverage.

Think About the Size of Your Van

Because the engines in smaller vans aren’t as powerful as those in larger vans, insurers view them as posing a lower risk. Check to see that your vehicle is appropriate for the work that you intend to use it for before you purchase it. If you’re only going to be moving a few hand tools each day, there’s no use in investing in a big wheelbase Transit van.

Transfer Your No Claims Bonus

A year’s worth of no-claims bonus (NCB) can save you a significant amount of money. Even better, the savings build year after year until you reach the five-year mark, at which point you may receive a discount of approximately 60% on your van insurance premium.

Undergo Advanced Driver Training

Advanced driving qualifications, such as a pass from the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ (IAM) Roadsmart course or, for new drivers, a Pass Plus certificate, will qualify you for savings from specialist insurance. Make sure to specify your additional qualification in order to save even more cash.

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